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Helping meet your identified and desired living and personal goals
with REAL finance solutions

Our individual finance solutions are all about making your lifestyle dreams become a reality, now and into your future.


This may be to:

• own YOUR current home sooner

• get into YOUR next home

• invest in residential property, or

• purchase a vehicle


Whether ready to act now or simply wanting to know what finance opportunities exist B & C Finance is ready to meet and talk with YOU today to offer guidance and support in your personal finance journey. All at no cost to YOU, except a bit of YOUR time.

We are confident it will be time well spent.

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Your first, new or next home

We can help whether this is YOUR first venture into property, including use of government grants or YOU are looking to upsize (or downsize) to meet YOUR family needs of today and tomorrow.

With direct access to a large number of home lenders we will find the most appropriate finance solution for YOU and ensure a great rate and loan features are obtained

Refinance to put money back in your pocket

We have found that many home owners are paying more on their loans than they need to. In some cases this can be thousands of dollars. Is this YOU?

We can check your current loans and let you know what is possible.

If we discover YOU are already have a great loan and we can’t provide added benefit then at least YOU have this reassurance to take away. Of course if we can show real benefit from alternative lenders then we provide a smooth and easy process to change lenders to save YOU money and own YOUR home sooner.

Is better the money is in YOUR pocket and not the lenders.

Investor solutions to build long term wealth

Many home owners choose to use property as a investment vehicle to grow wealth for their future and the great news is that it is easier than you may think to start a property portfolio.

We will work with YOU and your financial advisers to arrange the most appropriate finance solution for investment purposes to build wealth and ensure adequate asset protection strategies are utilised.

Vehicle finance

At B & C Finance we don’t just offer property finance solutions. We can also help YOU with finance for:
• Motor vehicles
• Motor Cycles
• Boats
• Caravans
Talk to us about what is possible

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